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Who We Are


This is Sound Design is an independent sound design and post-production studio, with facilities in Los Angeles and New York. Founded by Nathan Ruyle in 2008, TiSD builds relationships with filmmakers and digital media creators through design-centric audio post-production.


TiSD has developed a sound creation workflow that is focused on bringing original ideas to life through a collaborative process that integrates design into every step, from editorial and foley through the final mix. Through state-of-the-art facilities and integration of emerging technologies, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with sound in cinema, broadcast and beyond.


This is Sound Design was built on an independent creative spirit which continues to inspire our original approach to the sound of each project. We are proud of the diversity of our team and our colaborators and are excited to empower this new generation of creators to tell their stories in their own way.


Nathan Ruyle


Founder | Supervising Sound Designer | Rerecording Mixer

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What We Do



This is Sound Design was founded on the idea that the process of creating sound for a film is much more than a collection of services. As the tools have evolved in the last decade, most films can and should have a more personal and organic approach to realize the potential of the sound.

Just as a production designer develops the look and visual language of a film, we work with filmmakers to develop a sonic language unique to each project. Then our team collaborates through editorial, foley, and the final mix to realize the sound design, translating concepts and ideas into an original sound experience.

If you are interested in working with This is Sound Design on an upcoming film, please contact us for a collection of clips of our past work relevant to your project.

Navigate to our IMDB page for our ever-growing list of feature and short film projects.



This is Sound Design is bringing our cinematic sound design and mixing process to episodic tv and web series. We have most recently worked with director David Wain and Jax Media for the upcoming comedy series Today’s Special  and with Gunpowder and Sky on the scifi/action series ALT.



We are creating some of the most cinematic and highest quality sound for storytelling in the podcast space, drawing our experience in traditional broadcast radio (Founder Nathan worked in Public Radio prior to founding TiSD) coupled with our workflows and creative approach to sound in film.  Our new Burbank facility includes dedicated studio space for podcast production.


Hunted, our recent collaboration with Dick Wolf and Endeavor Audio, reached the top ten of the iTunes Charts in 2019.




We design and mix commercials and branded content for clients big and small, from startups and nonprofits to Google and Intel.

We have the knowledge, experience and tools to make your presentation sound great on any device, be it television, radio, computer, mobile phone, or tablet.  For broadcast we have a trusted mastering process to assure compliance with US and European broadcast loudness standards.


Our primary facilities in LA are conveniently located and client friendly for voiceover, mixes and final playback sessions for up to 8 in attendance. We also offer remote voiceover and review sessions at our facility in NYC or from any internet connected computer.



Commercial Sound Design and Mix for Intel


Virtual Reality


This is Sound Design is pioneering cinematic sound design and mixing for immersive media. Our workflow for VR is built on our years of experience creating sound for films, combined with a deep background in emerging technology. We’ve been working hands-on with interactive audio in Max/MSP, Unity and Fmod for over a decade and are thrilled to have these parts of our work converging in immersive audio for virtual and augmented reality.


As both the production and delivery technology for VR is rapidly evolving, we continue to refine our process which begins with planning in pre-production, continues into the field or on-set with specialized microphones and recording techniques and then moves into post.


You can experience our work in VR on Hulu’s Interactive VR Web Series Door #1:







This is Sound Design mixes feature film trailers for theatrical, broadcast and online presentation.


We mix theatrical trailers for TASA compliance in our reference calibrated mix-stage with industry standard Leqm metering. Using our custom delivery workflow we can be certain the theatrical experience of the trailer will be the same when viewing at home or on a smart phone or tablet.

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    Virtual Reality

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This is Sound Design’s studio facilities are located at 911 N Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502.


Click here for directions.


At this location we offer 3 mix stages, 2 isolated adr studios, foley recording, and additional sound editorial suites. 


Click here to learn more about our new facility